Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to get an immediate answer to our most frequent inquiries. Please contact us at BloodySilver.com, if you are unable to find an answer in our FAQ.

Chromeheartsnecklace.com – Order FAQ

Orders for all jewelry sold at Chromeheartsnecklace.com, may be purchased online at our website's shopping cart system. You will first need to register as a user at Chromeheartsnecklace.com

Payments for all orders of Chromeheartsnecklace.com jewelry purchased at Chromeheartsnecklace.com can be paid using VISA/Master credit cards via PayPal or directly through your PayPal account.
We also accept payments using Western Union or a direct TT transfer.

All prices quoted at Chromeheartsnecklace.com are denominated in American Dollars (US Dollars)

As our prices are denominated in US dollars, you will be billed in US Dollars for your order.
If you are not located in the United States or if your credit card account is not denominated in American Dollars, your local credit card issuing bank will have the US dollar amount converted to your local currency.

Once an order is made with a confirmed payment via our website, it will be processed immediately and will take up to 15-21 days before it is shipped. This is because all our jewelry designs are hand crafted and a lead time is needed.

You may log into your account at Chromeheartsnecklace.com to check the status of your order.

All sales made at Chromeheartsnecklace.com are final. We cancel an order only if it had not been processed. A refund will be made on your card after an order is successfully cancelled.

  1. How to place an order at Chromeheartsnecklace.com?
  2. How do I make payment for my orders at Chromeheartsnecklace.com?
  3. What currency are the prices at Chromeheartsnecklace.com denominated in?
  4. If I pay by credit card, how will I be billed on my credit card?
  5. How long will we take to process your order made at Chromeheartsnecklace.com?
  6. How do I check the status of my order made at Chromeheartsnecklace.com?
  7. Can I cancel an order after it is processed?


Chromeheartsnecklace.com - Shipping FAQ

Chromeheartsnecklace.com ship our orders WORLDWIDE.

Shipping times vary depending on the destination county. Please visit our shipping policy page for more details on shipping times.

Wordwide Shipping costs for all orders at Chromeheartsnecklace.com will be charged at a FLAT rate. We provide FREE shipping for all orders.

All orders made at Chromeheartsnecklace.com, will be packed in a plain brown postal box for shipment. When receiving your order, there will be no indication on the box about the contents inside.

It is rare that our jewelry will get damaged while in transit, because all jewelry will be packed in a pouch and cushioned in the hard cardboard postal box.
However, you should inform us immediately upon receipt of your shipment if you notice that your jewelry had been damaged.  We may require the item to be sent back to us or have a photo of the damaged item to be emailed to us, before a replacement is sent to you. We have agreements with the courier companies we work with to have damaged items compensated for.

Please contact us immediately on order shipments that are lost. We will contact the courier company to have the case investigated. It is not common for shipments to be lost in transit. However if it is confirmed to be lost, we will send a replacement package to you.

BloodySilver.com will not be responsible for lost packages because the delivery address provided while making your order is wrong.
Please ensure that your delivery address is correct when making your purchase. We will ensure that your package is shipped to the correct delivery address, but you'll have to assist us in ensuring that the address you provide is accurate!

In most cases, the delivery person will drop a notification card in your mail box informing you that they were here to deliver a package but no one was in to receive it.
The procedures are different in every country but in most cases, they will give you a number to call to arrange for a redelivery or go to the nearest post office to collect the package.


  1. Where do Chromeheartsnecklace.com ship to?
  2. How long is the shipping transit time?
  3. How much does shipping cost for my order?
  4. How is my order going to packed?
  5. What if my items purchased get damaged during shipment.
  6. What happens if my order made at Chromeheartsnecklace.com gets lost in transit?
  7. What happens if I provide the wrong shipping delivery address?
  8. What happens if no one is at home when the courier company delivers the package?

Chromeheartsnecklace.com – Product FAQ

Chrome Hearts styled jewelry are designs of jewelry that give you the same kind of look and style as people who are seen wearing Chrome Hearts jewelry. They often have the cool, gothic or punk look.

Chromeheartsnecklace.com sells only the best quality Chrome Hears Styled jewelry that is manufactured using 100% Genuine 925 Sterling Silver.

Please note that we DO NOT sell original Chrome Hearts jewelry on our website, nor do we sell fake Chrome Hearts jewelry or exact replicas of Chrome Hearts jewelry. Our jewelry at Chromeheartsnecklace.com basically only has the same "style" as Chrome Hearts jewelry.

Unless otherwise stated, all jewelry sold on Chromeheartsnecklace.com are made from only the finest quality 925 sterling silver and are hand-crafted to the finest details.

Each piece of 925 Sterling Silver jewelry purchased from Chromeheartsnecklace.com will be packed in a black jewelry pouch.

Yes, all our jewelry sold on our website will look just like those on the photos.

Yes, Chromeheartsnecklace.com GUARANTEES that all jewelry sold on our website are made from only 100% 925 Sterling silver.

Our goal is to have a long term relationship with all our customers and we will accept a FULL refund should our jewelry be found not to be made from 925 Sterling Silver.

There is no fixed times in which we will release new designs. Our production team is always working closely with our factory to manufacture the latest "in fashion" style. Emails will be sent to our current customers as well as those on our mailing list as soon as we have new designs.


  1. What are Chrome Hearts styled jewelry ?
  2. What kind of jewelry you sell at Chromeheartsnecklace.com?
  3. What materials are used to manufacture our jewelry?
  4. How will jewelry purchased at Chromeheartsnecklace.com be packaged in?
  5. Are the photos of the products displayed on Chromeheartsnecklace.com what I will receive?
  6. Can BloodySilver.com guarantee that the jewelry sold are 100% 925 Sterling silver?
  7. How often will Chromeheartsnecklace.com releases new designs?

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